De hemel is altijd blauw / arte mare


exhibition along the seapromenade
of Knokke-Heist / Belgium

scope: poster and tapes (with Tim Baumgarten)


The title of the exhibition »De hemel is altijd blauw« (The sky is always blue), which took place along the promenade of the Belgian sea resort of Knokke-Heist, was printed on an adhesive tape that was used both on the exhibition posters and directly around the streets of the town.
The posters show windows that look out to sea along the promenade.


A second adhesive tape applied directly to the pavements of the promenade provided a rough map of the artists’ interventions.
The design plays with the repetition of words and patterns, as a reference to the great length of the seafront (7km) – an endless line in the landscape, along which the same motifs of ships and houses constantly recur.