Bewegungs-Dialoge (Dialogues of Motion)

choreographer Anna Huber in video and conversation with Gabriele Brandstetter
Zentrum für Bewegungsforschung (Centre for Motion Research), Berlin

scope: series of mobile posters
client: Zentrum für Bewegungsforschung, Berlin


Bewegungs-Dialoge (Dialogues of Motion) is a series of presentations and conversations involving contemporary choreographers with Professor Dr. Gabriele Brandstetter at the Zentrum für Bewegungsforschung (Centre for Motion Research) in Berlin.

The poster concept for the series of conversations »Dialogues of Motion« uses the idea of mobility. The event organizers can themselves fill a bag with information about the events, visual materials, etcetera, and hang these bags up at the university. These mobile posters can simultaneously be carried around and used to directly advertise the event.