Zentrum für Bewegungsforschung
(Centre for Movement Research)


Institute for Theatre Studies at the Free University, Berlin
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The transdisciplinary, and internationally associated, Center for Movement Research (ZfB) was established by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Brandstetter on January 1, 2005 with funding from the 2004 DFG Leibniz Prize.


The research projects undertaken here are dedicated to the phenomenon of movement in all of its breadth and richness. They integrate established research methods for theater, dance and performance at the Institute for Theater Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin, but do not confine themselves to a single discipline, a limited historical period, or a privileged culture. The ZfB hopes instead to initiate, undertake and support debates involving multiple perspectives and various disciplines.


In this capacity the ZfB is especially concerned with bringing together artistic and theoretical work, through a process of performative research, and placing them on equal footing in the establishment and investigation of knowledge. For this reason, the ZfB mediates and encourages cooperation between universities as well as other scientific and artistic institutions.