Efectiviwonder / Armando Andrade Tudela


catalogue, 154 pages

Card folder with 3 softback volumes:

English, German and Spanish

scope: concept, design

client: Ikon Gallery, Birmingham / daad-Galerie, Berlin


Text by Ariane Beyn, Roos Gortzak, Rodrigo Quijano, Francesco Manacorda


Published after his exhibition at Ikon in 2009, this catalogue of images and text consists of work that extends Andrade Tudela’s interest in materials, value, scale and the relationships between them.


The design concept for the catalogue »Efectiviwonder« is based on Armando’s way of working. In his projects he is circeling around themes, not only with text, but also with a lot of images. The idea was to seperate the three languages and to make three booklets out of it, which are collected in a folder. These three issues, which look similar in format and design, have an unusual image concept.


If you compare the same pages in the different booklets, you see that they are showing nearly the same image, but from another angle, a slightly different colour, maybe they are just taken some seconds later. So it is an image concept which – like the three languages – show the same content but from another perspective.