Was kommt beim Reden raus? #3:
Versuche, die Stimme sichtbar zu machen


University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam 2006

In the third part of the workshop »Was kommt beim Reden raus?« (What comes out when we talk?) students should tackle the secrets of language and attempt, using their own bodies and the simplest of tools, to visualise spoken language.


We began by asking ourselves: what actually comes out when we talk? What is visible, what is not? How can even the invisible elements, for example the sound waves or the air, be made visible? To what extent can sounds be visually expressed, what is the significance of writing in this context, and what are its limitations? Letters aside, what could visualise spoken language?


The students were asked to visualise spoken language individually, in pairs, or in groups. The emphasis was not meant to be on the meaning of what was said: the focus was more on the language itself as the content of the act of speaking.