720 Grad-Verlag, Berlin


scope: corporate design (logo, letterhead, postcards, book design)

client: 720 Grad-Verlag, Berlin


The »720 Grad-Verlag« is a thematic publishing house, which publishes exclusively titles which relate to the theme, independent of their genre or literary medium.

The publisher releases both fiction and non-fiction titles to support the larger theme, for example the 2008/09 series on energy and strategy, or the 2009/10 theme of animal and animal: a current novel about oil is in dialogue with a non-fiction work on energy supply in the 19th century. Although the titles in a series may not refer to each other, their thematic grouping allows for fresh and unusual perspectives and views, and reveals their fundamental shared identity.


Oscar Heym’s novella »Die Reserven« (The Reserves) is the first book to be published.

A non-fiction title on the broad subject of »Energy and Strategy« will follow in early 2010.


The book design for the series concept is based on the idea of pairs. The two-part logo will appear in two halves, one on each of the books’ spines. The individual volumes thereby complement each other, forming an optical unit.

Each pair of books will have its own colour scheme, with the literature volume being slightly smaller than the non-fiction title.
The positive/negative play with the logo is repeated in the cover design.
The dimensions of the smaller literature volume appear as a white area on the cover of the non-fiction title: this design is intended to reinforce the unity of the paired volumes.