Manual for the construction of a cart as device to elaborate social connection /

Octávio Camargo & Brandon LaBelle (ed.)

Surface Tension #3


catalogue, 72 pages

soft cover
scope: design

client: Errant Bodies Press, Berlin / Los Angeles


Extending artistic research and work taking place since 2006 in Curitiba, Brazil, the publication »Manual for the construction of a cart as device to elaborate social connection« brings together documentation and related texts that aim to elaborate on the question of finding common space.

At its core is an engagement with communities from the local favelas that subsist on traversing the city in search of recyclable materials. Occupying this economic margin, a number of informal expressions arise, from the making of hand-built carts to the circulation of urban myths.

Originally as an exhibition developed between international and local artists held at Ybakatu Gallery in Curitiba, the publication raises pertinent questions, such as, what are the consequences of an artistic practice aimed at developing commonality, and how might difference and disparity find productive manifestation in built form?


The publication’s design takes up the idea of the collection of various materials, and uses diverse layouts, fonts, and types of paper, bound together in a book using concealed stapling.