Moments of Continuity /
Jacqueline Floor


catalogue, variable amount of pages in two sizes
loose-leaf system

scope: design

client: Jacqueline Floor, Amsterdam


The catalogue of the Dutch artist Jacqueline Floor consists of a file which can contain a variable number of sheets. As the artist’s work includes fragile sculptures made from office materials like folders, binders, or stencils, this light and flexible binder format is well-suited to her art.


The catalogue has two different page sizes, which allow readers to zoom in on the fine sculptures and examine details, while at the same time locating these details in the larger picture.


The complete amount of water on our earth stays always the same, only the form changes constantly. Nothing ever seems to stop or stand still. Tomorrow is always the next day. Everything is connected. From the one action the other appears. Patterns come to the surface all the time. History could have predicted them. It is striking that certain things always return; whether these are miniskirts, unemployment or fear of terrorism. The Same but different. Cyclical movements determine our life. With the work I try to evoke moments of temporarily stand still. By representing my work at a point of stasis I want to precisely emphasize the always ongoing movement. Moments of continuity.

(Jacqueline Floor)