Type on stage


workshop with Barbara Alves
Escola Superior de Artes e Design.
Caldas da Rainha / Portugal 2006


A second workshop on the theme of »ephemeral fonts« took place under the title »Type on Stage« at the Art and Design College in Caldas da Rainha.
This workshop was about staging the »ephemeral font«. The font need not be dissolved in the process; it should instead move and be newly formed.


During the process we were interested in uncontrollable influences, like wind or light. The task involved using only the most basic means: materials which could be found in the Academy or in nature.

One example was the work of two students who worked with the Academy’s noticeboard and rearranged the posters and notes on it to form words. The next day there were new posters and notes and the font began to change, to move, and to reshape itself.