Dirty Ear /

Brandon LaBelle


scope: design
client: Errant Bodies Records, Berlin / Los Angeles


Hyper-constructions, neurotic representations, micro-compositions designed as counter-sonorities to specific locations or settings ... - environments ingested and regurgitated as audible fantasies ...


1. Home
2. Parking Lot
3. Civic Center
4. Office Building
5. Closet
6. Country
7. Daytime
8. Classroom
9. Foreign City


The CD »Dirty Ear« by the American sound artist Brandon LaBelle combines sounds from various locations with personal memories and thoughts.


The design of the CD uses one of the many scraps of paper from the artist’s desk on which he has noted down what he has to do or has already dealt with, thereby creating a link between the fragments of language and the fragments of sound on the CD.