Was nennt sich Kunst, was heißt uns wahrsein? /

Michael Müller


scope: invitation card

client: Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin


Parallel to the launch of the 8th Berlin Biennial, Galerie Thomas Schulte hosted Michael Müller’s solo exhibition “Was nennt sich Kunst, was heißt uns wahrsein?“ (What is considered art? What does it mean to be true to oneself?), the eleventh part of his exhibition cycle, which started last spring. With this show, Müller further attempts to discover that which we call art and what truth means to us. Little time is left until object, space, and color transform a twelfth time. 


There’s really nothing left to say. All possible approaches have been distributed. All the walls are endlessly occupied, all the surfaces are covered with wallpaper or carpeting, in pink. Pedestals are everywhere, covered with works, objects, and artifacts. Every corner of the exhibition space is layered with sound. An overflow of stimulation.

But if there’s nothing left to say, the question remains: what’s it all about? When everything has already been said, it could be said that nothing more actually is said. There’s only noise. Ultimately it’s about giving the open space of possibility a form to structure the noise so that some things then do remain to be said.


In the midst of the numerous opinions, assumptions, facts, and objects, is there actually “truthfulness”? Does there still exist, today as well, what we once with such endearing self-confidence called “truth”? What role does art play in this? Whatever calls itself art can only be deduced from itself (that presents “itself”). Whatever it has to say, we must translate. Since it is generally silent, we translate freely.