Kleider in Bewegung. Mode im Film /

Theresa Georgen & Norbert Schmitz (ed.)



scope: corporate design (flyer with program, poster, book)

book, 168 pages

soft cover with dust jacket

client: Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel / Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Nürnberg


Fashion as art in films and as part of filmic art. This tome questions the multifaceted relationship between fashion and film in which clothes are more than a mere functional medium of filmic dramaturgy, but themselves become actors. Fashion and film become seen as independent systems, as two aesthetic practices. What is symptomatic is the tipping point, the artistic potential when they come together – the moment when the audience no longer sees the fashion artifacts as simple indications of social standing or emotional states but when instead dress, clothing become an autonomous artistic medium: fashion/filmic art. 



The book works with the theme of the symposium by making an associative link between paper and textile. It is completely printed on thin wrapping paper, which is very vulnerable, allowing it to easily wrinkle and to give a sensual link to the idea of clothing, as something wrapping the body.


The pages are folded in a japanese binding, which gives the pages stability. Printed black and white from the outside, the inner spaces are hiding a rainbow of colours. Each chapter contains a unique gradient. If you would slit the pages open you would discover a second book consisting purely out of colours.