Bewegung Lesen. Bewegung Schreiben /

Isa Wortelkamp (ed.)


scope: corporate design

(invitation card with program, book)

book, 224 pages

hard cover with dust jacket

client: Free University, Berlin / Revolver Publishing, Berlin


How to read what the letters of a text cannot express? How to write that which is in constant motion? Unlike any other phenomena, movement eludes a writer's lettering. In its referral to the sensual perception of a physical present in motion, movement does not allow itself to be restrained in either vision or text.

The symposium’s goal is to explore the consequences of »the movement towards movement« for observation and description in the dialogue between the various disciplines of the studies of dance, theatre and literature.


The book for the symposium »Bewegung Lesen. Bewegung Schreiben« was an experiment. Working with the theme, both text fields of the left and the right page are shifting in a slow movement from page to page. A process which you hardly recognize by reading the book, but if you compare the first and the last page, you see how much the layout changed.