96 pages / Annette le Fort

artist booklet

scope: concept, design


The narrative reader »96 pages« follows the story of a body and its voice through roughly sixty different books and other sources.
The reader is guided by highlights in the text and the division into fourteen chapters through texts which are revealed in their full materiality.

1. crack
2. me and you
3. longing
4. inner voices
5. speaking
6. biting and chewing
7. vocal chords
8. bubble / loop
9. voice body
10. tongue / phallus
11. kiss
12. cut
13. script body
14. memory

(...) or we walked together, hand in hand, silent, sunk in our worlds, each in his worlds, the hands forgotten in each other. That’s how I've held out till now. And this evening again it seems to be working, I’m in my arms, I'm holding myself in my arms, without much tenderness, but faithfully, faithfully. Sleep now, as under that ancient lamp, all twined together, tired out with so much talking, so much listening, so much toil and play.


(from: Samuel Beckett, Texts for Nothing 1)